What makes us different?

i-Finance Leasing is a leading, independent and fast-growing financial institution bringing modern banking services to Cambodia. Through innovation and a dedication to customer service, we provide financing services for the purchase of assets essential to your life and business: appliances, motorbikes, cars and trucks. We empower our customer’s growth through these services by ensuring affordable access to these critical assets. Currently operating in the nation’s major metro areas, Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, we are expanding throughout Cambodia, and empowering Cambodians with our innovative financing solutions.

Over 5 Years Experience

We have been helping Cambodians reach their goals for over 5 years with trusted and affordable lending solutions

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Flexibility and Affordability

We provide affordable rates and monthly payments to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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Our impact.

i-Finance empowers its customers with affordable financing solutions for the purchase of assets critical to modern economic life.

Income security

Over 80% of our customers rely on our financed assets for their daily commute to work, ensuring affordable and durable access to employment and income security. The majority of commuters using motorbikes are members of Cambodia’s low- and middle-income earning classes. To these commuters, motorbikes have become an integral, non-discretionary part of daily life.

Financial inclusion

We are expanding access to finance throughout Cambodia. Whereas banks and microfinance institutions require land collateral for customers to obtain a lease, we use the leased asset as collateral. This enables us to reach a previously underserved market: over 50% of our customers had no prior borrowing history before their first lease with us.

Empowering entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs often lack access to affordable financing solutions required to grow their business. We provide financing for critical business equipment such as washing machines for laundromats, tuk tuks for drivers, and light commercial vehicles for small businesses


With no major public transport system, Cambodia suffers from a shortage of affordable transportation and mobility. As a result, motorbikes have become the primary mode of transportation in Cambodia and play an essential part of daily life for most Cambodians. Motorbikes are critical in providing access to jobs, education, health and social activities. Our financing services improve the daily lives of Cambodian’s who would not otherwise have access to affordable transportation and mobility.

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